27 Feb

LandPAK - Promotion Video

Navcom Video Promotion

Navcom LandPAK system provides an unprecedented level of performance
and flexibility for land surveyors around the world as theft 3040 GNSS
receiver includes all of the necessary hardware and accessories the land tax
system is a complete turnkey land survey solution the rugged water-resistant and
shockproof design coupled with hot swappable batteries ensures continuous
operation even in the harshest of environments UHF band GSM communication
links with support for multiple RTK format allows land pack rover to work
with a variety of base stations and RTK networks have come to a fire GNSS
technology with multi constellation support and superior signal sensitivity
allows operation even in shaded environment with nav calm you'll get the point
the Quick Setup ease of use and superb performance allows land pack to meet the
needs of even the most demanding surveyor the land pack that's self apart
with a three year warranty including firmware updates as well as responsive
and knowledgeable customer support all of our land pack systems also include a
lifetime Starfire license RTK extent
and industry-leading software choices customers across the globe use the land
pack system to save time and effort in the field
our customers tell us they're impressed with the quality of our and it's not
just measurement data but the receiver itself is extremely rugged and the three
year warranty really put their mind at ease our resellers know their respective
markets and their own customer needs and this allows them to provide us feedback
on the products and business practices our channel partners constantly tell us
that are amazing customer support is what sets him apart
land package is built to take advantage of the Starfire network the first of its
kind this global satellite-based augmentation system provides 5
centimeter horizontal positioning accuracy at one thing on a worldwide basis
completely independent of geographical boundaries allowing users to roam freely
while maintaining the most precise positioning information if you are ready
for a high quality land survey solution that delivers extreme value we invite
you to learn more about land pack you are more complete survey solution

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